December 13, 2018


Website Services and Rates

No matter you circumstance we will find a solution for you to suit your needs – and your budget!


Price USD
Basic Site – 5 pages  $100 & up
Commercial Site – 10+ pages including custom forms, etc. $250 & up
Domain Registration $16.00 per year
Domain Hosting  Basic Starting @
$10.99 a Month
Maintenance and additional services $20.00 Monthly

Specialty Services.

Service Price USD
HTML / CSS $35/hour
JavaScript $45/hour
Server Scripts / PHP $50/hour
Search Engine Optimization $25/hour
Install New Features $35/hour


  1. WordPress
  2. Drupal
  3. HTML5 / JavaScript.
  4. PHP/MySQL

The Design Process:

  1. Research: Usually conducted in a preliminary interview via phone/email or onsite. Establishes wants and needs of company and audience, defines goals and working relationship, estimate of final size and time needed for completion. Domain name and hosting needs are clarified and acquired. Competitive analysis may be done.
  2. Quote: A job quote is compiled for the client with a written proposal
  3. Resources: Images, artwork and copy needs are defined. Additional resources may be created in-house or arrangements made with the client for the creation and/or provision of additional resources.
  4. Design: Initial interface design is created by contracted resources, bought on a template site (like template monster) or by client.
  5. Content Development: All pages are composed and optimized for search engine placement.
  6. Programming: All functional aspects of the site are finalized (forms, CGI, JavaScript, database, etc.).

After Completion:

  1. Shakedown: 2 to 4 weeks is usually allowed for any bugs, typographical or grammatical errors, graphical and other minor issues to come to the surface and be resolved.
  2. Promotion: Once the bugs are worked out, the site is registered with search engines. Other marketing plans are implemented or created.
  3. Updates: Periodic updates to the site including content additions, news events, etc. can be obtained through a continuing maintenance contract or by hourly fee.
  4. Maintenance: Continuing maintenance include automatically upgrading the site to accommodate new coding and search engine ranking changes, Federal regulations, browser and OS upgrades, and technological advances.